Modal is a fabric made from the wood fibres taken from the Beech tree. It is incredibly soft, light weight and has the most beautiful drape. It's a summer sewing staple!

It is a type of Rayon really (but not quite as light & with more of a light jersey feel), Modal is a breathable, smooth luxurious feeling fabric, with stretch.

Great for all sorts of womenswear and underwear.

95% modal
5% spandex 
Weight starting at 150gsm

Unlike cotton though - it is resistant to shrinkage, yay!

Modal french terry has a luxuriously soft hand.

French Terry is a knitted fabric with loops at the back and a smooth and soft surface on the other side. This sweatshirt quality is made from a modal fibre. This gives a super smooth and soft feel to the fabric.
Modal absorbs moisture better than cotton and falls beautifully.

It works beautifully for t-shirts, knit dresses, and pants.  It is also great for many winter projects and is fabulous in lined jackets & jumpers.
 Modal is 50% more absorbent than cotton, breathable, colour-fast, and shrinkage/pilling resistant.