Remnants/End of Bolts

Lillestoff, Organic Jersey, Zebra Womenjeans 63cm
15% OFF RRP $22.05
Art Gallery, Dollhouse, Tiptoe Dusk, in KNIT 69cm
10% OFF RRP $18.28
Art Gallery, Lambkin, WInd Observer Fog 110cm
10% OFF RRP $22.00
Andover Fabrics, Bolt Thrower - White 115cm
20% OFF RRP $23.00
Michael Miller, Flock to the Oasis Flamingo 115cm
27% OFF RRP $25.30
Cloud9, Trellis Purple - Organic Cotton 94cm
27% OFF RRP $25.38
Riley Blake, Berries Navy 125cm

Riley Blake, Berries Navy 125cm


30% OFF RRP $25.00