SHALMIAK is a brand created by Finnish designer Sari Ahokainen. Previously her work has been seen on a great amount of products, mainly fabrics produced by a variety of different companies. Recently Sari moved into own production. With Shalmiak the aim is to produce high quality organic fabrics in limited editions. By choosing fabrics by Shalmiak you can create products that are truly unique.

Shalmiak, Hippie Fly Rainbow, Organic Jersey
28% OFF RRP $18.00
Shalmiak, Hippie Night Rainbow BW, Organic Jersey
28% OFF RRP $18.00
Shalmiak, Scandifruit Hot Pink, Organic Jersey 105cm
33% OFF RRP $37.80
Shalmiak, Hippie Hurray Candy, Organic Jersey
33% OFF RRP $18.00